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Houseplants are a great addition to any home and serve many purposes from decorations to air filtration to humidifying but keeping them healthy can be a challenge.

Here are some general plant care tips for keeping your houseplants healthy

Do your research

This is by far the most important thing that I can recommend. All houseplants have different soil, water and light requirements so set up your organization so every plant gets what it needs.

Mix your own soil

Regular potting soil is fine for some things but if you have much variety you will need a few mixes. Potting soil, perlite, vermiculite or crushed pumice, and builders sand in varying quantities will take care of most of your needs.

Use sterile soil

Soil from your backyard might seem like a good cheap alternative to potting soil but it can have parasites and other pests, weed seeds, fungus, and high acidity (depending on your region).

Avoid putting plants near air vents

Both heat and air conditioning dry out the air considerably and can cause problems for plants beyond just temperature ranges.

Get a grow light

Especially during the winter months many plants cannot get enough light from a indoor location so a good full spectrum or 6500k LED bulb that fits in a standard home fixture can save a plant that might otherwise not make it through the winter.

Quarantine new plants

Check all plants for pests and disease before you bring them home and keep them separate for a few weeks to make sure that it is healthy and pest free before you introduce it to the rest of your plant population.

Dust your plants

Houseplants tend to get dusty like anything else in your home. This can make it difficult for the plants to get enough light. Take a wet cloth and wipe down the leaves on both sides. Do this a few times a year. Alternatively you can use a sink sprayer or the shower to clean your plants.


Group plants together to increase the humidity in the area and try using a pebble tray.

Fertilize at the right time

The best time to fertilize is a few weeks into the growing season, after the days start to get longer.

Follow these tips and your houseplants are sure to thrive all year long.


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