Series 2, pg 3 – Artificial light choices

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light shelf   Let’s talk light…page 3

This series will help you have happy, healthy plants to enjoy all year round in your home.  Series #1 began with providing the proper growing medium and Series #2 will focus on the most important thing you can provide for your plants indoors – light.  This, page 3, will explore the different options you are likely to find to supplement the light your plant needs indoors.

by Mary Sue



          Time to know what to look for

Artificial lighting options

There are numerous plant lighting systems on the market today, each with their own good and bad aspects. Choosing the right light for your situation is the most important part to growing indoors effectively. Plants benefit from all wavelengths of light but the reds and blues are the most important. This can make it tricky to accomplish the ideal light conditions for your plants.

Types of bulbs Read More →

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