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Cyclamen Mites are not too common and extremely hard to get rid of.  They are so tiny that you’re sure you are looking at dust.  You may be unable to see the actual mite but you will see curled leaves, brittle leaves, twisted or stunted new growth, flowers that are discolored or if looking very close you may notice that there are small scabs on the new growth or flower buds.  The mites are attracted to Cyclamen but may be found on your African Violets, begonias or others.

Control:  Isolate infected plant(s).

You can trim away infected leaves and as hard is this sounds you may have to throw away any severely infected plants.  If this breaks your heart you can get drastic and dunk your plant, headfirst into hot water, 115°F (46°C), leave it there for 7 minutes.  Keep the temperature up the entire time and give the plant a final swish when removing.  As these mites infect plants with delicate leaves you will be taking a risk but perhaps the only chance.  You then put your plant in a well ventilated place to dry off and never in direct sunlight.

Another method is to use a systemic insecticide if necessary.  The roots absorb the insecticide and the insect will feed on it along with the sap. These are poisons and are absorbed by the whole plant including the flowers, pollen, etc. so if you use this be aware that it will kill anything that  feeds on your plant including honeybees outdoors in the summer.  Always read instructions on purchased products before use and be certain it is appropriate for the plant and the insect you have.

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