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What better day than earth day to kick off a new blog.

I thought this year I would take you along for a ride through my backyard projects. Including refurbishing some old raised beds with new liner, setting up a rain barrel, protecting my garden from rabbits and raccoons, washing and repotting some houseplants and more I’m sure.

I would also like to introduce a new writer. My mom recently retired and wanted to start writing for the site so as an introduction she wrote a great post about earth day.


There are 2 dates to celebrate Earth Day: March 21st, the spring equinox and perhaps the more recognized date of April 22nd.  The last of the snow here is gone, the soil is warming up and the snowdrops and crocus are in bloom out the front door.  I really appreciate spring with new life sprouting everywhere.  It’s a great time to open the windows and open the mind, to think about Earth Day and the common practice of planting trees.  Some other things that come to mind are:


Add a rain barrel under the downspout this year to conserve water.  There are certainly water deficiency concerns both here in the U.S. and globally so around thoughts of planting trees are ways to help with the water concerns.


Put a solar light on the patio to use when cooking out back this summer.  Climate change is affecting everyone and the choices we make do make a difference.


Spring clean the garage and take old electronics to the local high school or nature center or place in your community where they recycle all the parts in the proper places.  A few things we found in our stuff were: an ancient boom box that my son had used to listen to music before mp3’s, a monster monitor for a computer, a printer that went bust, a digital camera and an old hair dryer.  As our country produces more than 200 million tons of waste a year, around thoughts of planting trees, I also think of my small way of reducing land and air pollutants so trees can flourish.


Visit the local farmers market, and if planting a tree is not for the moment, purchase a native wildflower for the front yard like Joe Pye Weed Eupatoruim maculatum that will attract the butterflies and is natural to the area – consequently less water use – or perhaps experiment with a shrub like spicebush Lindera benzoin that will provide food and habitat for birds in the back yard.  Your local cooperative extension service will have lists of plants local to your area.  Get those hands dirty.  It’s fun and rewarding.


Investigate events in the area that celebrate, educate or are just fun.  You will find that folks are eager to share topics they and perhaps you are interested in and passionate about.  There are over 36,000 miles of rivers in Michigan and many volunteers every year take canoes out to pick up cans, bottles, shoes and trash that folks have lost through the summer fun.  We’re keeping the rivers clean for those trees, native wildflowers and shrubs.


A walk in the city park or the woods where you live to witness spring and to breathe in the fresh air will be enjoyed and perhaps inspire you.  You will now be fueled to tackle your spring chores at home both indoors with your houseplants and outdoors with your gardens.  Enjoy April 22nd whatever you do and I would love to hear how you have spent your Earth Day.


Folks all over the world know that we do not own the earth, the earth owns us and deserves and expects our care.  Earth Day can remind us to focus on and do what we can to change our lifestyle to make it more sustainable from water pollution to conserving water, from climate change to green energy, from recycling to planting wildflowers.  The list is endless and can be very worthwhile fun to get involved in.  When we take care of our Earth it will take care of us.





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