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leaf miner damage

leaf miner damage

Leaf Miners will be evidenced by the pale green or white trails they leave as they eat their way between the layers of a leaf. They are not common on indoor plants and seem to prefer Cineraria but you may find them on other plants such as Chrysanthemums.  These are short lived plants so you may not need to do anything but remove obviously damaged leaves for the short time you have these plants.

Control:  Isolate infected plant(s) and cover any tables or carpet, etc. that may receive any over-spray if using soap or oil sprays.

You can spray with a homemade insecticidal soap, a homemade insecticidal oil.

You can also purchase these products.   Read all labels to be sure you have the right product for the right insect and for plant sensitivity.

You can sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on the soil and insects that come in contact will be history.

You can purchase sticky traps to capture them at your garden store.

Another method is to use a systemic insecticide if necessary.  The roots absorb the insecticide and the insect will feed on it along with the sap.  Always read instructions on purchased products before use and be certain it is appropriate for the plant and the insect you have.

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