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We here at SOS are excited to have several new ways for you to find more information on our site.  As you poke around you will see that we have been busy collating our information on insects from our personal experience, stories from friends and acquaintances, the garden club folks locally, past reading of the books that line our shelves and things discovered over the years or new updates on the web.

There is a new menu called The pests that can bug your houseplants where we added information (more to come each week) on what to look for in plant symptoms, on insect identification and on insect control.  You now can go straight to another new menu titled Pest Control if you already know what you’re up against to find a method to control your insect.

We have another titled Recipes for your Plants with everything from things you can make in your kitchen to things you can purchase.  And yet another menu called Recipes for You.  The last is just for fun!

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