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Yes, I think this winter here in North America has been a joy for skiers and has been a trial for gardeners.  In Michigan we have had record amounts of both cold temperatures and snowfall.  This, of course, means that we gardeners are getting cabin fever and a terrible itch to get our hands in the dirt.

I do enjoy the calla lilies out the window, (inflorescence even glows for awhile after dark) but…..


n & cI temporarily solved this 2 weeks ago by hitting the local garden store that happily had some narcissus bulbs that I promptly took home and put right into pea gravel.  You may be able to see the bud developing in the one on the right.  A friend had given me some crocus bulbs last fall that I never got around to putting into the ground so they have been in my frig.  Since no one in my household had eaten them I was able to put them into a light medium mix and they too are now sprouting there in the middle of the narcissus!  Spring can indeed come to Michigan this year, even if indoors.


greensThis week I have begun to sprout some greens.  This will give me both the sight of growing things (since my ground is 4’ under – snow that is) and healthy green food to add to my table.  I readied 2 shallow containers that have drainage in the bottom with a medium mix of 1/2 part humus and 1 part perlite.  The container on the left will grow pea sprouts for me and should be ready in about 3 weeks.  The one on the right is a mix of radish, beets, swiss chard, mustard, cress, cabbage and kohlrabi seeds and should grace my table in about 2 weeks.  Once I see some sprouts about 1″ tall I will begin another tray of seeds for another week of greens.

phal buds bursting

Soon I will be able to pot up some Dahlias and Begonias that have been over-wintering.  In the meantime; taking care of that itch, anxiously waiting for the path buds to burst, and making progress toward spring.

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