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Orchid medium recipes

Know your orchids requirements.  Their requirements vary quite a bit and if using a pot it is best to use one specially made for orchids.

Terrestrial orchids (i.e. Cymbidiums)

1 part loam

1 part sphagnum peat or coir

1 part sharp sand

1 part perlite, coarse sand, expanded clay aggregate, or sphagnum moss

Epiphytic orchids (i.e. phalaeonopsis)

1 part sphagnum peat moss

1 part tree fern, chopped or redwood bark


1 part light humus for nutrients and minerals or sphagnum peat for soilless mix

1 part coarse sand

1 part perlite


Tree fern, chopped or redwood bark (use this only if the orchid was originally planted and grown this way)


Wired onto tree fern plaques or cork bark

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