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Plants are naturally outdoor living things.  When we bring them into our home to enjoy, we are placing stresses on the plant, so everything we can do, proper watering, knowing their light requirements, and inspecting them diligently for pests will help keep them healthy.  A healthy plant is much less susceptible to insect problems but nearly every houseplant owner has had to deal with a few pests.  Always carefully inspect newly purchased or friend gifted plants that are entering your home.  You never know when you may be giving refuge to an unwanted guest.  There are several pests that may become attached to your houseplants but if you catch infestations early and are aggressive in removal you will have happy, healthy plants for years.

If you suspect a problem, act quickly and isolate any infected plant from your other plants.

Never treat water stressed plants.

Never treat in direct sunlight.

Never treat if it is over 90°F (32° C) or below 40°F (4° C).

Know your pest and treat only if necessary.

If you have infected African Violets or another fuzzy leaved plant please see those specific plant pages as their leaves are very fragile.

Here is a list of some pests you may or may not encounter and how to control them.  If you are treating food bearing plants I cannot recommend the use of synthetic chemicals.


After you read through and are thoroughly bugged I have included recipes for homemade remedies and other control ideas as the finale.



Spider mites



Fungus gnats

Cyclamen Mites

Leaf Miners

White Flies

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