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Plants need light, water and nutrients to grow.  Houseplants will do their best if provided with the proper media.  Providing a good mix full of the ingredients your plant needs when you pot it up will give any plant great healthy beginning.  This may even occasionally mean changing the medium when you first bring a plant into your home.

The proper medium for your plant will go a long way in helping you with proper watering.  There will be the right amount of space between the materials so the roots receive the breathing and wiggle room they need to grow optimally.  The proper medium will also require less fertilizer.  It will keep your houseplant healthier.  A healthy plant will give good protection from pests so they will attract fewer.

There are basically 2 main types of media that gardeners begin with to provide food, moisture, air and anchorage for their plants.  Soil based and soilless.  These are modified for cacti, succulents, orchids and other plants with special requirements.

It has never been easier to find the ingredients to make your own medium.  The following recipes will provide you with some guidelines for the perfect mix for your plants success.


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