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Bringing one of your smaller houseplants into work is a great way to add a little to the atmosphere of your office. Most people know the benefits of having plants in their home but not many extend these benefits to their office as well. No sunlight? No problem, a lot of common houseplants do not really need that much light or water so you can leave it over the weekend or even while you are on vacation for a week.


The Spider Plant


Able to handle serious neglect the spider plant is one of the toughest there is. They don’t take up much space but have a lot of foliage making them not just hearty in low light conditions but also makes them one of the best air purifying plants out there. Watering once a week should be sufficient if not too much so make sure the soil is dry before watering again. As the spider plant gets larger it will start to propagate, runners will grow out of the center and produce baby plants so when this happens bring in a few small pots about 3 inches in diameter and give the babies out to coworkers. Soon your whole office will be full of little spider plants.


The Jade Plant


Jade Plants make an excellent desk accessory and are one of the easier choices to bonsai. Get a small desk lamp with a full spectrum bulb and a bonsai tray. Fill the tray with a mixture of mostly fired ceramic granules with a small amount (and I do mean small, maybe 5%-10%) of composted bark as an organic component for water retention. Portulacaria Afra commonly known as the small leaf jade is the most amazing looking when trained as a bonsai.


The money tree


The money tree is another great bonsai candidate, most people go for the braid with this one and it looks great. Many nurseries sell their money trees as a braided bonsai so all you have to do is continue the braid as the plant grows.


The cacti terrarium


Why just have one plant when you can have ten. With a cacti terrarium you can easily have many varieties that will eventually grow together and look like the desert version of a coral reef. Setups like this can be purchased in nurseries as is or you can collect and arrange specimens yourself.

So we have discussed desk size plants but what about something larger like for the break room to increase oxygen levels and reverse sick building syndrome.


Areca Palm


Rated the best by NASA for eliminating toxins, releasing oxygen, and adding humidity the Areca Palm is our top choice.


English Ivy


Also great at air purification the English ivy does well in hanging baskets or on top of a cabinet.  People with asthma and allergic conditions will benefit from an English Ivy at their desk every day.


Peace Lilly


These plants look fantastic and are also one of the top purifiers. They require little except water which makes them a great choice for the lobby or break room.


Check out our article on air purifying plants for more ideas.

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