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Most gardeners and landscapers will defend their pruners to the death. But for those of us who haven’t made that commitment yet, it can be hard to get an objective opinion.

The landscaping company I worked for had a bin of these in the truck at all times for quick grab and go pruning needs. They do the job in a pinch but not being ergonomic after a few cuts they start to wear on you. The corona line of pruners does have replaceable blades and springs but they can be hard to find and almost as expensive as just buying a whole new pruner. For personal home gardening use these pruners may last a few years but in a professional setting where they get heavy daily use they might not even last one season.

These pruners make cuts with less force but that is about all that they have going for them. The plastic handles cannot hold up to abuse and the metal alloy used in the blade construction is much softer than that used by other brands which causes them to dull much faster.

Bahco PX(R) series
The Bahco PX and PXR series of pruners have the largest selection of handle sizes and blades so you are sure to find just the right fit for your hand. Every part is replaceable and can be found online but it can be hard to find parts locally. The real upside to these pruners is their durability, with proper care these can last many years.

Felco pruners by far have the best rep in the world of hand pruners and for good reason. High quality construction ensures long lasting blades and springs. Many models are available including ergonomic rotating handle, right and left handed options, and small sizes for small hands. With the most widely available replacement parts at reasonable prices your pair of felcos are sure to last a lifetime.

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