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Roaming about the yard, thinking about getting the plants that will come in for the winter free of any pests, got me thinking about all the wildlife that frequented the garden this summer.

hummingbird sidehummingbird back


The hummingbirds that love the tiger lilies.




Hummingbird Clearwing, Hemaris thysbe (4)The moth that would like to think he’s a hummingbird.  From a distance we thought we were looking at a baby hummingbird but he was really a moth that measured 3”+ named Hummingbird Clearwing, Hemaris thysbe.




swallowtailThe swallowtail that also had a blast in the tiger lilies.  He got so full of pollen.  I wonder if it will come off of him more easily than it does me.





pm far awaypm looking at meThis praying mantis was just minding his own business and then I came along with my camera.  As I was taking my shots and getting closer and closer his head turned more and more in my direction.  I started wondering if I was looking like something yummy to him and figured I had plenty of pictures and had invaded his space long enough.


green darner on pepper pot (10)green darner close (9)The green darner dragonfly sitting on the pepper pot is trying to fool someone with his one-eyed marking.  I sure hope he is just waiting to catch whatever it is eating holes in my plants.




downy woodpeckernutty wpThe downy woodpeckers flit from the apple tree to the seed feeder.  They seem to prefer the pressed seed cakes and won’t touch suet.





chickadee at the doorchickadees making a nestChickadees can’t read.  That’s fine.  Even though the sign above the door says this house is for Wrens I am happy to know the Chickadees have found a home in my front yard.




chickadee on the lookoutchickadee in false cyprusThey must always be on the lookout for the neighborhood cats and can perch in the false cypress, Chamaecyparis pisiffera, nearby.





I’m always delighted to see healthy, happy bees.  This guy was so energetic, just tumbling all over the flower gathering pollen and you can see the sacks just bulging on his legs.  The buzzing of his friend in another flower on the gorgeous knockout rose has a different tone to his sound.

While the birds are migrating to their winter locations, the squirrels are digging up my flower beds planting their black walnuts from the trees next door, the toads are burrowing under to hibernate, I’ll get back to thinking of the houseplants that must be readied to come back indoors before the temperatures drop too much.  Vacation is over for them.  I need to get them acclimated to the changing weather and cleaned up of any pests so they will be healthy for another winter and will not bring any unwanted guests in with them to infect other plants inside.

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